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Bill Belott, CSCS
Personal Trainer

Bill Belott, CSCS, is the owner of Body Designs West in West Los Angeles, Ca.
For the past 20 years, he has been training, educating and consulting with clients to help them to achieve measurable improvements in their health and to effect permanent lifestyle changes.
Armed with the distinguished Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as the Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Bill has helped several lifelong obese clients each lose more than 100 pounds, countless postnatal women to achieve a better shape and fitness level than they had even prior to being pregnant, celebrities look spectacular on-screen and for photo shoots, elite NCAA athletes gear up for competition (including the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens), and the average “Joe” achieve an improved quality of life.

Tracy Belott
Personal Trainer
Figure Competitor

Being a personal trainer is my dream job! When I meet with a potential client, many times, they have the impression that I’ve been in great shape, training and an athlete for my entire life.
However, that’s just not true. In fact, I was extremely heavy when I was a young girl growing up in Beverly Hills. And as one can imagine, I had a tough go of it; being made fun of, criticized and told I would never lose the weight.
But when I finally had enough of the teasing and made a commitment to myself, my body and my health, I knew a life of fitness was for me!
Results came, but it didn’t happen overnight. I lost more than 60 pounds and started to transform my body like I had never imagined I would. I began to get compliments from others in the gym…even the trainers! So I began building a clientele of my own in 2010 while I trained personally for NPC Figure competitions.
Now with one second place and two third places trophies, I have settled into an extremely fulfilling career at as a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer.


Body Designs West, Inc. welcomes Independent Trainers! If you are a trainer looking for a gym to train your clients or if you have a trainer and would like to train here, we make it easy! A package of sessions is $200 ($20 ea.). Trainers, use the same package for one or more clients!
Pay for one session ($20) and try us today! Check out our contact page for more information!