Body Designs' Trainers

Body Designs 235: Personal Trainers

Welcome back to the Body Designs Blog! Yes, we took a break during government’s mandated shut down. But now your Body Designs Personal Trainers have returned to doing business in the gym! Over the past several months there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of working out in a gym environment as […]

Brain Lifting Weights

Body Designs 234: Best Games for Brain Health

Even though the brain isn’t a muscle, it can be exercised to better health. However the debate rages on. At least for some, right Pocahontas? What type of “workout” gives the brain more bang for the buck? Here we will compare the best games for brain health. Brain: Of course, brain games can be any […]

To show where Collagen is in the body

Body Designs 233: Collagen is the wrinkle-preventing protein and so much more

In Los Angeles, Collagen is mostly known as an aging woman’s best friend. Collagen is the wrinkle-preventing protein that the body produces naturally, in women and men alike, keeping skin smooth and young. However, as we age, this fountain of youth begins to run dry and our skin begins to sag. Therefore, in an effort […]

Benefits of different types of exercises overlap

Body Designs 232: Burning Calories vs Burning Fat

Burning Fat – The Who: People exercise for many different reasons. And, while the benefits of the varying types of workouts overlap some (burning calories), each has their primary goal. Pumping iron builds muscle. Yoga increases flexibility. Pilates helps to strengthen the core. And of course, Cardiovascular training improves the functioning of the body’s respiratory […]

This photo depicts Oat Milk being made.

Body Designs 231: Oat Milk vs. MILK Duds

For some time, lattes and coffee have come in all sizes, temperatures and even flavors.  Recently however, “milk” has been the modified ingredient of choice among coffee drinkers the world over. Originally, it was 2-Percent or Whole Milk.  Then came Skim (nonfat) or Lactose Free options.  Soy, Almond, Coconut and even Rice milk have been […]


Body Designs 230: True Ketosis

True Ketosis is when the body uses fat instead of carbohydrates (stored glycogen) for energy.  In this condition, ketones (a type of acid) are produced when fat is burned. As the body’s ketone levels rise, so does blood acidity.  This can lead to ketoacidosis, a serious condition that can prove fatal.   Did you know this?  […]