Body Designs 181: Runway or Runaway Stomach

Good Morning Nominees!Yes people, even though I do not attend movies, I am aware that today is “Oscar Sunday”.  Oops, did I just violate a licensing right?  Whew, I am glad Roger Goodell isn’t the “Commissioner” of the Movie Industry.  But hey, for $30 mil. a year, maybe he should be since the NFL season […]

Body Designs 179: Is Bacon “Kosher” for your Diet?

Good Morning Brethren: Today’s sermon is one that you would have bet to see pigs fly before “hearing” – at least from me. But, as the ever non-prejudicial, open-minded and clear-thinking person you all know me to be (no laughing Ken, Fred and Ellen N. as well as Ellen G.; oh and Jeff, Molly and […]