Body Designs 151: Is your Training Frequency tuned for results?

No matter what the goal or gender of a trainee, resistance training is one of the “must have” components of a fitness routine which provides countless health benefits.  Unlike doing aerobics, yoga or Pilates, lifting weights on a re-gu-lar basis causes muscles to hypertrophy, aka grow.  And when muscles hypertrophy, the body experiences an increase […]

Body Designs 150: Smiling and Laughter as Medicine. Fact or Fantasy?

Why the strange salutation?  Read on and you’ll understand. But before I delve into this installment, please know that I wrote this entire article prior to the horrific events that happened early Friday morning (7/20/2012) in Aurora, Colorado.  And while the meat of this article is true, it may be too early, particularly for those […]

Body Designs 147: Sardines

I’ve been developing diets (or what I call Nutrition Plans) for the last 20 years.  And while the quality of the protein I personally eat and suggest to “clients” is of utmost importance, I believe I may have overlooked one of the top “dogs”. Sardines, as many of you already know, are a great source […]