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Lisa W. Trainer...

I always wondered why some people have them..what were they "training for"? When I turned 50 I gave myself a session to see what it was all about and after 5 years together I am happy to say that Tracy is the perfect fit (pun intended) for me. She is fun, positive and pushed me to places I would have never gone by myself. She points out every new little muscle that is created through our sessions and with great humor tries to make me eat better...without preaching.
Anyone who wants to get it together, feel stronger, be healthier and actually enjoy the road that takes you there, Tracy is the trainer for you. So very happy I met her!

Logan B. Wedding Day to every day

I started seeing Tracy six months before my wedding the fall of 2014. I was a 23-year-old bride-to-be in bad shape, and wanted to get trim before walking down the aisle. Tracy helped me get fit in no time with workouts tailored to meet my needs, and I said "I do" in the best shape of my life! Though I didn't intend to continue working out with Tracy regularly when I began our sessions, after the honeymoon, I was thrilled to get right back in the gym with Tracy by my side. I may have started out looking for a personalized bridal bootcamp (and boy did I get it!), but Tracy truly changed my outlook on living a fit and happy life. Tracy has helped me stay in shape with regular sessions 3x/week for almost three years now, and I am so glad to have her encouragement and guidance as I continue to meet my fitness goals! There's no doubt in my mind: Tracy is the best in the business!

Jose B. Lost 20 lbs. of fat / Gained 10 lbs. of muscle

"When I walked into Body Designs West, Inc. one year ago I was extremely out of shape, overweight and I absolutely had no muscle tone. I was not able to do a single push up or sit up without being tired and out of breath. A year later, thanks to Bill’s exceptional training and years of experience, I am now leaner, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Bill also helped me with a simple meal plan that I was able to stick to. I recommend Bill, from Body Designs West Inc., to anyone looking to get fit and lose weight in an environment that is full of professionals and quite honestly look like they actually work out! Bill and Tracy both are extremely fit and those are the type of people you want training you."

Joan S. Training Hard and Running Far

I have been a long distance runner for my entire life and I have had numerous long-term stints with several personal trainers who trained me for an hour with moderate results. And while I am a loyal client, due to the heavy West LA traffic, I decided to switch from training in Santa Monica to a gym located between my office and home. That's when I found Bill! Not only is Body Designs West conveniently located, Bill's 30 minute program is designed to get the most out of his clients without them becoming bored or injured.
In fact, as I have gotten a bit older and the wear and tear from running has taken its toll, Bill has helped me recover from injuries, continue to work hard in the gym and get 'back on my feet' running in no time.
Bill learns quickly what a client's body can handle, takes it to the limit and gets results!

Ida D. Overcame her fears / Succeeded in changing her body and her mind.

"Let me start with saying that I used to HATE working out and I used to HATE gyms. I never went and never cared to start liking it either. Then I reached a point in my life when, as I got older and had children, my body changed significantly and I knew I needed to do something to be healthy and feel good about myself again.
So, one day I decided to stop into Body Designs West, honestly because it was 2 minutes from my house and that was the only way I would ever commit to getting to a gym. Well, it was truly the best thing I could have done for myself! I met Tracy and Bill that day and they were so helpful and they never pushed anything on me. I went in for a consultation and I felt so at home there and never felt like I was at an 'LA gym'.
Tracy slowly and reassuringly helped me find a lifestyle that felt doable and a program with her that was challenging but never overwhelming. She also helped me change the way I think about food and guided me in finding a balance that never felt like a 'diet'. I look forward to every workout with her and I wouldn’t want to work out with ANYONE else or ANYWHERE else."

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