The French Flag

Body Designs 215: French Fare

In honor of the French national football team (not soccer) winning this year’s World Cup just about a month ago and fact that tonight, Tracy and I will be celebrating our nuptials at Mar’sel, Terranea’s five star French restaurant, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Body Designs 215:  French Fare explains the why and how the French […]

ABC Breaking News Los Angeles

Body Designs West on ABC

Hit the gym to get fit in Los Angeles Photo: Lagree Fitness Studio/Yelp By Hoodline Thursday, May 24, 2018 Looking to shake up your workout routine? You’re in luck: we’ve found the freshest businesses in Los Angeles to fill the bill. Here are the newest places to check out the next time you’re in search […]


Body Designs 214: Irritable Bowel Syndrome…Symptoms, Strategies and Solutions

Good Morning and welcome again to the Body Designs website.  Body Designs 214: Irritable Bowel Syndrome…Symptoms, Strategies and Solutions, may not be the most palatable topic to start the day.  However, it is an important one; as many of my clients who suffer from it have mentioned it to me.  Furthermore, I believe that many […]

Greek Olive Oil

Body Designs 213: Olive Oil’s Negative Health Effects

For years, the media have been touting the health benefits of Olive Oil.  The truth is, surprise, surprise, they haven’t been telling you the entire story!  Today, in Body Designs 213: Olive Oil’s Negative Health Effects, I will uncork some myths, pour out some evidence and coat your preconceived notions with some pure facts that […]

Two become one wedding rings

Body Designs 212: Fine Tuned Bodies

Over the years, Tracy and I each have had much success training clients who “kicked it up a notch” in preparation for special occasions other than weddings such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, milestone birthdays, modeling shoots, exercise videos and the like.  But, as my Physique Competitor Fiance Tracy will tell you, it is easier […]