This photo depicts Oat Milk being made.

Body Designs 231: Oat Milk vs. MILK Duds

For some time, lattes and coffee have come in all sizes, temperatures and even flavors.  Recently however, “milk” has been the modified ingredient of choice among coffee drinkers the world over. Originally, it was 2-Percent or Whole Milk.  Then came Skim (nonfat) or Lactose Free options.  Soy, Almond, Coconut and even Rice milk have been […]


Body Designs 230: True Ketosis

True Ketosis is when the body uses fat instead of carbohydrates (stored glycogen) for energy.  In this condition, ketones (a type of acid) are produced when fat is burned. As the body’s ketone levels rise, so does blood acidity.  This can lead to ketoacidosis, a serious condition that can prove fatal.   Did you know this?  […]

Body Designs 229: No BEEF with Red Meat!

Body Designs 229: No BEEF with Red Meat!

More and more of my clients, and self defined “fitness-minded” people around the world are withdrawing from eating red meat. So, what’s their beef with Red Meat? The reasons purported range from avoiding “high” health risks like cancer, diabetes and heart disease to being environmentally conscious. However, are these or any other reasons valid enough […]

Close-up of deformed fingers of the hands in an adult female patient with rheumatoid arthritis, a joint disease causing pain, deformity and restricting movement.

Body Designs 228: Preventing Arthritis

Joint inflammation, or Arthritis, affects 40 million persons in the United States. Arthritis is the result of the reduction in the normal amount of flexible tissue (cartilage) that rest between and protects your joints from pressure and shock when you move. Unfortunately there is no cure for Arthritis. And while genetics can increase one’s chance […]

Ashwagandha and Moon Milk

Body Designs 227: Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is the newest “super food” to become popular on the health and fitness scene. Classified as an “adaptogen,” this Indian herb is proven to help the body manage stress. And by its definition, “smell of the horse,” it has a strong smell and is able to increase one’s strength. Some of its benefits include: […]


Body Designs 226: Increase Health Benefits with Friendships

While we have become more connected with social media, we have become more disconnected from face to face interaction.  And even though many are living longer thanks to the medical industry, could we increase our health benefits with friendships?  Are you a loner?  Do you have a ton of acquaintances, but no real pals or […]