Our Program:


5 - 10 minute warm-up (so be early)
30 minute intense-appropriate training session (so be ready)
30 minute post-training cardio session (so be steady)
Commit to your goal-specific nutrition plan (so be healthy)

LA's Personal Training Studio

Body Designs West is LA’s Personal Training Studio that offers fitness programs tailored to your goals and abilities.

  • Been sedentary for some time and want to ease back into shape without getting injured?
  • Been training on your own and want to conquer a plateau?
  • Been putting off losing weight for that walk into a reunion, down the aisle or on the Red Carpet?

At Body Designs West, we design bodies FIT for the West Coast! Make an appointment!

Our certified staff has worked with the young, the not-so-young and everyone in between. We’ve worked successfully with women before, during and after their pregnancy. We’ve helped clients rehab. minor to acute injuries and recover from all sorts of surgeries. We’ve coached the morbidly obese to lose more than 100 pounds and the muscleless into becoming musclebound.  Remember, at Body Designs West, your goal is our purpose!

Want your own personal fitness trainer?

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    5 star review  I have been training with Body Designs West for years and would not want to workout anywhere else! Bill and Tracy are so knowledgable and supportive and make exercising fun and something to look forward to.

    thumb Jenna Shephard

    5 star review  Bill and Tracy are wonderful. I started working out with Bill several months ago, wanting to lose a little weight and tone up. I've never been a fan of working out but I actually look forward to my two sessions a week with him. After about 24 workouts with him, I have noticed a major transformation in my body which has been a huge motivator. I tend to be a bit of a wimp, but Bill pushes me in a way that is completely effective and safe. I rarely ever curse at him. :o) These two are the best! Highly recommend.

    thumb Nina Weinman

    5 star review  After a couple of serious injuries, I started training with Bill and the change has been remarkable. He’s deeply knowledgeable about the body and because he is calm and encouraging, the return of my strength has seemed almost effortless. The gym is clean and quiet, Tracy and Bill are warm and kind. It’s a comfortable place to be. Wonderful.

    thumb Susan Wyler