Greek Olive Oil

Body Designs 213: Olive Oil’s Negative Health Effects

For years, the media have been touting the health benefits of Olive Oil.  The truth is, surprise, surprise, they haven’t been telling you the entire story!  Today, in Body Designs 213: Olive Oil’s Negative Health Effects, I will uncork some myths, pour out some evidence and coat your preconceived notions with some pure facts that […]

Two become one wedding rings

Body Designs 212: Fine Tuned Bodies

Over the years, Tracy and I each have had much success training clients who “kicked it up a notch” in preparation for special occasions other than weddings such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, milestone birthdays, modeling shoots, exercise videos and the like.  But, as my Physique Competitor Fiance Tracy will tell you, it is easier […]

Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Magic Johnson and Mike Tyson Fit and Fat after 50

Body Designs 210: Atrophy (Muscle Loss): Fit or Fat at Fifty and Above

Over the past month or so, many of my clients have asked me how it feels to be 50 years old.  I find it kinda funny to hear that question from so many who past that milestone long before I did.  The Jersey Boy in me wanted to say, “Why do you ask?  Has it been […]

Muscle Soreness, Nutrition, Recovery

Body Designs 209: Negative Effects of DOMS and Foods that Reduce Muscle Soreness

Have you ever hit the weights super hard or after a long layoff?  Have you ever made a resolution or a commitment to a new cardio regimen?  Whether it be pumping iron, doing the stairs or completing a long bike ride or run, one of the “payoffs” of such exercise is Muscle Soreness.  The technical […]

Night Blooming Jasmine

Body Designs 208: Health and Fitness Benefits of Flowers and Plants!

As you know Body Designs West is LA’s Personal Training Studio that offers fitness programs tailored to your goals and abilities.  Tracy and I are so committed to help you achieve success, we offer this blog in order to educate, encourage and entertain you on your fitness journey.  Today’s installment…Health and Fitness Benefits of Flowers […]


Body Designs 207: A Heavenly Menu

RISE and Shine Designers! On this Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter), as the Christian world celebrates the remembrance of the Risen Messiah, which happened of course the Sunday following the most famous Passover Seder, The Last Supper, I would like to highlight two of the items that were most certainly on the menu that night in […]


Body Designs 206: Fasting when Feasting

Good Morning Followers:  Many Body Designs’ clients have recently asked me about Intermittent Fasting (IF) as an approach to achieving their fitness goals. Well, my answer in a minute.  But first, for those of you who are unfamiliar IF dieting, it is basically a meal plan schedule that alternates between FASTing and FEASTing during a […]


Body Designs 205: All in agreement say, “Almond”?

Good Morning and a Belated Welcome to 2018 You Nuts! If you are wondering why I have waited until the last weekend of January to write a fitness article when most other fitness “journalists” would opt to seize the opportunity to motivate current, past and potential new clients on the first day of 2018 in […]