Body Designs 173: Some Diets are so Prehistoric!

Good Morning Designers and Good-Bye 2012: Well, another year is about to end and I for one can’t believe it has gone by so fast.  In some senses 2012 has come and gone faster than others of recent memory.  But now, as we all are about to turn yet another year older – thankfully I […]

Body Designs 171: This might be your ROOT to success

Good Evening People: I apologize for this early installment, but I have a full schedule of training and shopping ahead of me tomorrow. Well, I never claimed to be a soothsayer, but as luck would have it, “Mom”, Tracy and I finally went to Hide for sushi last night for dinner and, as always, I […]

Body Designs 169: “Olive”iate them from your table!

Some of my favorite memories of the holidays from when I was a kid of course revolve around food.  Whether it was me putting my foot (literally) in my grandmother’s homemade pumpkin pie while sitting on my grandfather’s lap in the front passenger seat of my mom’s car on the way to a holiday dinner, […]