Body Designs 168: IN Mice and Men AND Women!

Good Morning You Rodents: I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are ready to work off the few extra pounds gained from stuffing yourself tighter than your bird.  But before you take to one of my many weight loss tips and begin chugging water in order to speed up the elimination of your Holiday […]

Body Designs 167: THREE Birds, With One Stone, This Thursday

Good Morning All You Overstuffed Turkeys: Last week’s installment on Sweet Potatoes and Yams was such a conversation starter, I figured for this week, it would be nice for you to see how I (and Tracy) implement some of what I “talk” about each week into our “daily” diet – especially when it is part […]

Body Designs 165: Choose Wisely This Election Season

So, in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible for your fitness journey, here are five myths to avoid when choosing a workout plan. 1.  Mild “exercise” and active living improves fitness and health. Mild exercise such as walking, gardening and other leisurely activities are NOT enough to stave off osteoporosis, strengthen […]