Body Designs 143: Diet Cleanliness IS Godliness

Many experts in my field credit Jack LaLanne, Joe Weider and “Arnold” as being the forefathers of the Health and Fitness Industry. But over the past 15 years of training clients who live on the Westside of Los Angeles, I’ve come to a different conclusion. Believe it or not, the people originally responsible for developing […]

Body Designs 142: You say Nitrates, I say Nitrites

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! As “we” un-officially kick off the summer of 2012 with Dodger Baseball and Dodger Dogs, I thought it would be apropos to discuss the differences (the good and the bad) between Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite. Chemically, the only difference is that the Nitrogen atom (N) is connected to three Oxygen atoms […]

Body Designs 141: Feast or Fast? What’s BEST to Burn Fat?

Good Morning All!  Especially to Body Designers Tamir and Julie (who will be wed later today)!  Mazel Tov! For many years, educated and dedicated fitness professionals (myself included) preached what we practiced when trying to maximize cardiovascular “fat-burning” routines.  Many studies have concluded that doing cardiovascular exercise early in the morning on an empty stomach […]

Body Designs 140: Sidecar Summer Fare

Happy Mother’s Day! As we inch closer to Summer, I figured I’d help out with planning what “accoutrements” you might need for your first barbeque of the season – just in case I (and a guest) get invited to it.  Just kidding!  I don’t have to bring a guest. So, with that in mind, here […]

Body Designs 139: A Stitch in Time…

Good Morning Friends (and Foes), Happy Seis De Mayo!  Huh?  I know, humor me… Anyway, due to my overwhelming female client base, I believe it behooves me (and them) to provide some information on Exercise and Menopause.  ALSO, (yes my dear male trainees) I will be covering ways you can combat your aging process as […]