Body Designs 64: Hanukkah, a High FAT Holiday!

Happy SATURDAY people: Yes, it’s Saturday and you’re receiving your Body Designs. That can only mean one thing. Yup, we don’t have any internet service at the house again! What a surprise! Let’s hear it for AT&T…Go !@%$#%@ yourself! Anyway, now that Turkey Day is over and you’re still stuffed like a piñata, let’s move […]

Body Designs 63: Turkey, turkey, gobble, gobble, eat too much, wobble, wobble!

Good Morning Carnivores and one Vegetarian (You know who you are): As you know, the holidays officially “kickoff” this week and I have found that most experts agree, Americans eat an average of 5000 calories for Thanksgiving Dinner. That’s right! Just that one meal of the day which includes one plate of food, one drink […]

Body Designs 62: WASH those germs right off of your hands!

Over the past several years, alcohol and alcohol-free hand sanitizers have been popping up where. I have seen them in hospitals (of course), grocery stores and even IFC. Personally, I hate them! Most have a lingering odor that I think would keep away evil spirits better than destroy any bacteria (both good and bad) found […]